A Typical Day

Our day has a simple structure that gives kids confidence and security, and provides for many types of experiences.


Drop off Kids
Tracey will sign everyone in at drop-off. If you come late and you are buzzed in, please make sure your kids are signed in. The attendance sheet will be kept next to the mailboxes in the entrance.

The Youngest Group and Middle Group will stay downstairs for free play, the Oldest Group will go upstairs.

Middle Group or Oldest Group go upstairs for the rest of freeplay.

Clean up time – kids, parent helpers and staff put away toys. Parent helpers clean tables and set up snack.

All-school meeting in the Youngest Group area.
We play games, sing songs, and meet the day’s parent helpers. Children learn to participate in a group—listening while others speak and standing up to speak themselves.

The kids have a bathroom break, then have snack.

Middle group goes upstairs for snack, the other kids eat in the common room.  After snack, parent helpers and staff clean off the tables, sweep the floor, and wash dishware.

Small Group time.
The kids move into their groups for a project or activity.

All the groups walk to the Dickerman Park, between Craigie St & Kimball St.

All the groups walk back to school for a bathroom break and lunch. Part-time children are picked up, the other kids have lunch in the common room.

After lunch time, parent helpers and staff clean off tables and sweep the floor.

“Quiet rest time.”
Nappers rest in the Youngest Group area while the other kids rest on mats in the Oldest Group area for story time.

Free play upstairs begins!

Pick-up time. A chance for a quick chat with teachers and parents and pick up messages in your mailbox. Extended day kids play in the Oldest Group area.

Extended day kids have snack in the common room.

Pick-up time for extended day kids.