How our Co-op Works

Cooperative preschools are a wonderful way for families to engage in their child’s learning experiences and their school. In our school, each family is committed to taking part in our rich learning environment. Each family works on a specific team (capital campaign, communications, etc), helps out on their “Parent-help Day” (a morning or afternoon shift every 5 – 6 weeks), lends a hand at special annual events, and brings in the daily snack (once every 5 – 6 weeks).

How do you get selected for a team? Before school begins, you will be given a sheet to fill out with all the different types of job activities on it. You will be asked to check off your top three favorites, and can add any extra notes about why you would be particularly good at any one of them. Once school gets started and everyone’s forms are in, the teams will be assigned and can begin to work.

We also participate in an annual work day and put time into projects such as fund-raisers, admissions activities, and field trips – the apple picking trip is fantastic! The Christmas tree sale in December and the Yard sale in May are among the highlights of the year.

Agassiz has enjoyed the contributions of many families over the years, families who come from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds. They include homemakers, artists, teachers, doctors, construction workers, lawyers, scientists, you name it…white collar, blue collar, and no collar. What we all share is a deep belief in family-school partnership and how much our community play a role in our children’s development.

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