Our Teachers

Agassiz Preschool has an extraordinary staff of highly experienced teachers and caregivers. Our staff includes teachers with over 30 years of experience in early childhood education, professionals with international experience, and specialists in the arts and athletics. They are dedicated educators with a deep understanding of how children play and learn at different stages of development. The result is an environment filled with play and friendship, with children gaining competence, confidence, and a growing sense of self.

Richard Barton
Richard Jen Mery
April Kierstead Paul Robinson
April Giulia Paul

The staff participates in all aspects of school. They keep up-to-date on developmental and educational issues through on-going workshops and seminars, and are experts that parents can turn to when they have questions about their children.

Our teachers are strong believers in helping children form positive social connections, and spend a great deal of time supporting kids in their attempts at making friend and learning how to interact with confidence. Children are taught how to resolve differences, to turn disagreements into opportunities for cooperative play, and to assert themselves successfully while being kind and careful with others.

About once a month, parents and teachers meet in small groups to talk about development issues, early education goals, and various parenting and school topics. In addition to teacher conferences that can be scheduled at anytime, these meetings are a great way to get to know your child’s teacher and share stories with other parents.

Summer Street Preschool also benefits from its proximity to several highly regarded early education programs – Harvard University School of Education, Lesley College, Tufts University, and Wheelock College. From time to time, young teachers from these programs are assigned to our school for field work, internships, and mentoring.