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[2 Mar 2011]
Watch the 17-Time World Champions Boston Celtics take on the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, April 3rd at 6:00 PM.  This excellent pair of seats, donated by a Celtics insider, are located in Section 13, Row 12. Bob Cousy. Bill Russell. K.C. Jones. Larry Bird. The Boston Celtics are an institution. The franchise has been an integral part of American history and basketball lore. In the remarkable history of the Celtics, the team has won an unprecedented 76 title banners. The words, “Pride”, ... ...
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[22 Dec 2010]
They swim around They eat fish They have gums, but not the kind that grow teeth They have spots all over them They have pupils in their eyes They have fur that is furry The skin is made out of fur and it is very soft They eat salty fish. They are teeny tiny and they are dead. They also swim around in aquariums that have water ...
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