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2010 Extended Day Winter Olympics

15 Jan 2010

The Olympic Torch has arrived at the Agassiz! Specifically it’s in the hands of the extended day kids.

Ann and the kids made a poster of all the sports they could think up to be a part of the ceremonies. Our world champions will demonstrate their skills in the following categories (please do not attempt to try this at home, these kids are professionals):

…Things you can do with balls: ball throwing, ball kicking, baseketball, baseball, tennis, football, soccer

…Things you can do in water: fishing, swimming, diving

…Things you can do on land: running racing, ice skating, sledding, paper airplane throwing, skiing, bird racing (yup)

…and things you could do with wheels (varoom!): truck racing, race car driving, biking.

List of sports for our 2010 Winter Olympics

List of sports for our 2010 Winter Olympics

Thursday’s sport was the Long Jump. Depending on how far you jumped, you either got 1 kiss, 2 kisses, or 3 kisses AND an award!  Ann is coming up with all different types of awards for them – ones you can hold, wear, eat – and yesterday’s was a little bookmark with their names on top.

We’ll do as many of these sport challenges as we can! Stay tuned!