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Dinosaurs, snow & ice, and letters

29 Jan 2010

The Middle Group studied dinosaurs, beginning before and finishing after the holiday break. The concrete details of these animals, e.g. their size, diet, body characteristics made them an excellent focus of art projects, dramatic play, discussions and books. As with most of our units it is the activities, discussions that are the goal, not specific knowledge.

In mid-January we were the ‘snow and ice’ kids; we used snow in projects, melted it, froze it back to ice, drew it, painted it, made snow objects with clay, and plasticine.

Since Jan 17 we have been doing activities in ‘reading readiness.’ Each day we study a sound, usually represented by a letter. They watch me draw or paint the sound/letter. Usually they do as well, in their pads. We sing songs beginning with the sound, and look at/name the objects we collect, the names of which begin with that sound. We do a project that begins with that sound. We have studied G, T, S, L, B, V, and today, F. Next week some vowels, and combinations. The kids like this, they know it is connected to reading and to ‘becoming older.’

The kids play busily and actively with many others. Those days of somewhat awkward newness are long gone.

More next week! From Richard B.