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Drip drops, color props…

7 Jan 2010

The youngest group made colored water today. Ann taught them how to use an eye dropper to transfer food coloring out of the bottle and into the individual cups of transparent egg cartons. She put water in each cup and the kids excitedly watched as the water turned yellow, blue, red, purple and green. Learning how to use a dropper was intense, but they were very successful in getting the job done. The egg cartons went outside this afternoon to freeze overnight. Tomorrow the kids will use the frozen cubes for their artwork. How Ann thinks these things up I will never know!

The kids all went outside today for a good long time after snack. The snow doesn’t slow them down at all – they are out there on the swings, in the little house, on the slides – you name it. Thanks for making sure they have all their gear for outdoor playing!