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Lowell Street Firehouse Tour

27 Mar 2011

Come along for fun Agassiz friends and family treat during April Vacation week! Lt. C. Darrell Richardson of the Somerville Fire Department has kindly arranged for visits to the Lowell Street Firehouse on the following dates and times. Coffee will be provided, potluck snacks appreciated!

  • Monday April 18th, 10:30 am – 11:30 am
    Fire Group 3, Lt. Matthews and Gallegher will be in charge of Engine 4 and Tower 1.

Please reserve your spaces by Wednesday April 13th, as the fire station wants to bring down to the station little plastic helmets and coloring books for the kids. There is a limit of 20 people total per date.

What’s it like?

A tour usually consists of the children coming into the station to see the fire trucks and fire fighters.  A lot of times the children and adults like to sit in the driver’s seat etc, which is fine as long as they’re being watched by a firefighter or responsible adult.  They don’t want kids, or adults, falling off of the trucks.

Sometimes the firefighters put on the gear to show the kids what a firefighter looks like when he has his mask, helmet, gloves and jacket on.  Sometimes they’ll let the teachers try on the gear to see and feel the weight of the gear.  All in all it’s usually an enjoyable time for the fire fighters and the visitors.  Feel free to asked them questions about what it’s like to be a firefighter.  (Driving a fire truck, living at a fire station, going into a burning building, saving someone, etc.  It’s the fun side of being a firefighter, and I’m sure they’d loved to talk about it.)


…it’s an active fire station, so they may have to go on a call while the kids are there. It’s important that the adults know where the children are, and where to stand if the alarm sounds. The Lieutenants will give us all instruction when we get there,