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8 Dec 2009

Dear Middle Group Parents,

The Middle Group children continue to make more friends and to remain active in all parts of the day.  The children who were fairly ‘tentative’ in Sept/Oct. are much more at ease in school, and this is actually a fast accomplishment.  So many are so ready to be friends, and each is excited to help/sit next to/share a project with any other.  This is an energetic and interested group, and motivating to teach.

The Middle Group children became the ‘Rhyming Kids’ for the past 9 days. This unit included, daily,

  • Rhyming songs: so many
  • Rhyming books (if not rhyming we did not read!, this was a source of some study  and humor, as I would sometimes start a book, but it did not rhyme so it was discarded)
  • Rhyming Games: we have many rhyming object-pairs; kids figure out which rhyme (bear-pear, whale-pail, etc)
  • Rhyming Projects:
    • Round Mound (big hunk of clay, smoothed it to a mound, nice and messy)
    • Blue Glue  (glued white foam-board pieces) [started with white glue, then decided we could not do project because we needed ‘rhyming glue’ – get it???
    • Cook book: each had own blank book, drew food they could cook or eat
    • Brown town:  constructed town/buildings/roads etc with wooden blocks of  many sorts (on floor)
    • Red bed; helped construct a bed from red paper (small box) which they made for their choice of ‘beanie babie’ and also cut blankets/pillows for the bed using felt that cuts easily
  • Rhyming snacks: including
    • yellow jello, VERY popular
    • green bean
    • pink drink (in group, mixed milk with strawberries,  of course could not drink the milk initially because it did not rhyme)
    • oodles of noodles(they gobbled up pasta)
    • and, coming soon, berries and cherries

The children were encouraged throughout, to repeat the rhyming words, in books, songs, games.  The purpose is to focus on language and the concept and, with food and projects to make the concept concrete.  Another purpose is to continue to have the children practice all the skills involved in taking turns, concentrating on tasks and conversations, and in cooperating in activities.

On Thursday (Dec. 10) we will start a 7-day study of dinosaurs.  They will be the ‘Dinosaur Kids’.  If any of you have dinosaur books, cd’s, or other materials, please consider having us borrow them.


Richard Barton, the teacher