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Middle group winter activities

18 Jan 2010

proj_2010midgroup_snowmenPaul and Richard have got the middle group kids immersed in the fun things you can do in the wintertime outside of the house. On Thursday Richard brought a bunch of snow in from outside and made lumps to show the kids how they could make even bigger ones outside and turn them into snow men.  Richard and Paul had cut white construction paper into circles that the kids used to tape into snow men, which they then colored with chalk and hung on the walls in the back classroom.

Friday was all about igloos.  Richard read the kids a story called “The Little Igloo” by Lorraine and Jerrold Beim that was all about a kid who gets a new pet dog.  He doesn’t want his dog to sleep outside in the cold, so he builds him a little igloo to keep him safe and warm.  The kids then built igloos out of sugar cubes, and each took a little pet figurine to put inside the igloo. They used chalk to draw in the snow. Check out this igloo – it’s got a part for the family and what looks like an in-law apartment igloo, for his pet bird.