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Overheard on the Playground…

11 Mar 2010

Annika, Arron and Claire – making chocolate cake in the sandbox.  Each taking turns to add sand to the pot and pat the sand down”

Arron: “Keep mixing it!”

Claire: “We gotta cook it!”

Aaron: “Eat it!

Arron, Sundari and Violet – digging in the sandbox swapping shovels and asking for turns:

Violet: “When is it my turn?”

Violet: “Now?”

Aaron: “I’m almost done, then you can have it.”

Annika, Claire, Aaron and Sundari

Arron: “When I eat ice-cream, I get a headache!”

Annika: “I don’t, I don’t hurt,”

Sundari: “I love chocolate ice-cream!”

Annika: “I love chocolate ice-cream, I love ALL ice-cream!”

Claire: “You like ice-cream?”