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Rewind…the Halloween party recap!

10 Nov 2009

The annual Agassiz Halloween party got off to an appropriately dramatic start when the power was cut off for the entire first hour. With promises from the city to re-instate power within half an hour, we waited….and waited…and ate…and drank…and squinted at kids (and parents) in fantastic costumes. Some kids were a bit scared and clingy, while others realized it was the perfect foil for un-chaperoned playtime and behaved as expected (read: crazy running, laughing, and fun). When the lights *finally* came on, everyone clapped and continued with the eating, drinking, talking, and playing.

Top adult costume awards go to:

  • Jason as Bender from “Futurama”
  • Suzy as “Giant Blue Magical Dinosaur”
  • Michael as the lion tamer to lion Maurice

Congrats!  What a great time!!