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The Snowman and the Cat

18 Dec 2009

(The extended day kids came up with this story yesterday, helped along by our wonderful Ann…)

It was winter and we made a snowman. We put eyes on the snowman, a carrot for nose and baked zucchini for his mouth. During the night a bear came along and eated the nose.  “AAAH!” said the snowman.  The bear said “I’m going to eat your nose!” So he did.

The snowman felt angry and he decided to go to his bedroom and tell his mum and dad. Mom said “Just go get a new nose!” The snowman said “Yes!” So he went to the kids’ house to get a new carrot.

While at the house he saw a cat that wanted to scratch him. He said “Don’t scratch me I’m allergic to cats!”

“I’m going to scratch you anyways!” The cat scratched the snowman.  The snowman said, “Go away, cat!” The cat said, “I’m not going away!”

So the cat and the snowman did nothing.


Ex-Day Kids