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18 Mar 2010

The Vehicle Kids have now become the Drawing Kids. They will be drawing each day, with a different format.

Drawing at school is not so common for many children; there is usually a more tactile component of projects.  The goal is to have the kids feel drawn (sic) to the idea of drawing, to feel comfortable and somewhat empowered to discover creativity.

Some portion of the children are in a total comfort zone drawing with pencils or crayons etc.  Some are sort of ‘frozen’.  By having drawing be a theme, we hope to make it positive, and natural, and ‘regular’….just something you do in school, not a big deal, etc.    We will be doing abstract drawing, representational drawing, creative drawing, and will be using very basic tools: pencils, crayons, and markers.

After this 2-week unit, we will ‘study’ plants and growing.  We will plant seeds (peas/beans) , probably cuttings, and we will grow some sprouts, and will weave this into the growing each of them is doing as well.  All need a few things: food, water….but humans need some other things that plants do not (they will try to figure this out)…