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The OG activities: March

16 Mar 2010

Things the OG has been up to:
1.  Being ridiculously awesome
2.  Growing up and being much more articulate and inquisitive
3. Studying the differences between continent country state and city
4. Africa-Egypt
5.  Pyramids. Mummification. Book of the dead. Osiris. Isis (gods).  Catacombs. Amulets. ‘the eye’

This week:
1.   Europe-Ireland
2.  Snakes. Patrick. Shamrocks. Emerald isle

1.  Life cycles:
Frogs. Butterflies. Plants. Humans. The OG will be growing the first 3 from eggs/seeds and actually experiencing the true life cycle. We will release the full grown butterflies in the garden. Plant our flowers outside and possibly keep our full grown frogs as pets.