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May 11th Update

11 May 2010

Things have started to pick up on construction at the New Agassiz.  An update:

  • All interior walls have been framed out, so we can all now experience the true shape of the place.
  • The plumbers have begun building out our entirely new system from 3rd floor to basement.
  • The final sprinkler, lighting, heating, insulation, and siding specifications have been sent out to bid.

As for our parent work this weekend, its time to replace the windows.  The shipment of over 40 windows will be on site come Saturday morning, and we’ll have them all in by Sunday evening.

Additional project samples for this weekend:

  • Floor patching.
  • Finishing some light framing.
  • Wall padding in preparation for sheet rock.
  • Plenty of cleaning throughout.
  • Some yard work.

Sign Up
There are work slots remaining, so please sign up.  Particularly if you have not had the chance to sign up for your full compliment of shifts – we would love to see every family participate as much as possible.  The sign up sheet at school might not reflect last minute changes, so if there are no free slots please feel free to write your shift in the margin: more are always welcome!  If you have questions ask Stephanie Hirsch, who is organizing sign up.

When to arrive
Pros and Workers should be on-site at the new building at 9am for AM shift, 1pm for PM shift.
Helpers should be at the current building at 8:45am and 12:45pm respectively.

What to bring
Pros and Workers: we need plenty of cordless screw guns for this project, so bring one along with a fully charged battery.  Helpers: dress comfortably for childcare and errand-running.

Are you taking advantage of childcare?  We need to know.
Email Shona Simkin, childcare coordinator, by Wednesday 5/12 with: a) your work time slots, b) number of children, and c) age of children.  If you have a child outside Agassiz school-age range (2-5), you must contact Shona to see how this can be accommodated.  We will have snacks for the kids, but please pack them a lunch as you would on a standard Agassiz day.

For Fun
On Saturday, we are panning a short end-of-workday hang-out with pizza and beer at the current Cambridge Agassiz building for folks who want to relax after the dust settles.

Coming Up
As the pace of the work quickens, we anticipate adding an additional weekend or two for specific projects come June and July.  For instance, there is considerable interest in our outdoor space and we anticipate having a specific landscaping weekend.  Dust off your shovels – there will be lots of dirt to move!

Any questions can go to Ben Mayer, or if specific to
Sign up, contact Stephanie Hirsch at shirsch@sprynet.com
Childcare, contact Shona Simkin at shona.simkin@gmail.com