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Feb 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

27 Mar 2011


Teachers are living in slightly unfinished space.  Hoping to be able to help the teachers by doing a workday soon after the auction.  We are hoping to work on yard and install the tile wall this spring, as well.


Successful open house.  Many applicants.  Acceptance letters going out in mid-March.  Diversity committee will be formed after the auction.  Outreach to neighborhood (in the form of “tea” at Tracey’s office) is underway.


Currently we have 42 enrolled.  Another child just joined Midddle Group.  Say hi to parents of Alma Barak (Ravit & Boaz).  We are considering issues of class size and placement for next year.


We have used auction proceeds and tree sale proceeds to pay off the NFF Bridge Loan.  Our mortgage with Winter Hill Bank is scheduled to close on March 17th.


Great news!  We have found a way to hire Paul for the semester and we hope to be able to find room in the budget to make a permanent offer next year!

Group Updates

All the children in all the groups are doing great.  Stop getting sick!  Pediatricians confirm it has been a terrible year across all schools.