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Spring 2012 Newsletter

9 May 2012

Inside this issue

  • Settling in Nicely (Tracey Kaplan)
  • Mama Bear Picks a Kindergarten (Bethany Ericson)
  • The Oldest Group: Our Collective Journey (Jason Behrens)
  • The Middle Group Matures (Richard Barton)
  • The Youngest Group in Poem (Ann Holloway)
  • All Invited to Admire Agassiz Artwork: Saturday, June 9 (Cristina Sullivan)
  • A Chat with Richard Barton (Monique Noelle)
  • My Grandmothers Knew the Best Bar (Jane Wirch)
  • Somerville’s Urban Wilderness (Helen Brown)
  • Enhanced Books… Overly “Enhanced” Imagination? (Rebecca Didier)
  • Winter Hill, Somerville: Notorious yet Neighborly(Todd Zinn)
  • Letter to the Community: Goodbye, and Thank You (Sandra Kenis)
  • Book review: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis (Shelley Barandes)
  • Book review: The Lima Bean Monster by Dan Yaccarino, Illustrated by Adam McCauley (Coral Frazer)

2012_Spring_Agassiz_Newsletter (pdf)