April Stewart

April Stewart, Oldest Group Lead Teacher, came to Agassiz after 4 years teaching at another parent cooperative in Cambridge and a 2 year stint in San Diego, California. She enjoys the community that teaching at a cooperative inherently provides and supports, having families working on a consistent basis in the classroom is a strength that is incomparable. April finds great importance in the power of play and the undeniable learning that comes from what young children do naturally. She plans her curriculum using a project-based approach, studying topics that children can manipulate, observe and experiment (including using resources available in the community). Children direct the path of the study by discussing and covering what they already know and coming up with questions they have, what do they want to learn about the topic? She then plans ways to investigate these questions and document the children’s understandings. Curriculum ideas come from the children ensuring that they are engaged in the topics and activities because they interest the students. April has a calm presence in what can be a sometimes chaotic scene. The noise and mess has a purpose and April is a tactful, sensitive teacher, always there to guide the learning of our preschoolers.