Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Assistant Middle Group TeacherWalking into Agassiz, you can’t miss Paul Robinson, Assistant Middle Group Teacher. Hanging in the lunch area each morning, he welcomes every family in his warm, understated way. But don’t let his low key style fool you. He pays close attention to each child and adult who enters or leaves, as if all 40 children were his own.

Paul was adopted from Colombia, SA, at age 4 to a wonderful, very community oriented family in Wellesley. He entered Lesley University as a culinary student but things changed when he was required to take an early childhood class. “I immediately fell in love with working in Early Childhood,” he recalls. He came to Agassiz in Fall 2001, starting as a student intern. He likes “the way the teachers work together and support each other. The same for the Agassiz community – it’s a very supportive, great community.”

Paul says he “loves watching the children grow up. And then having their siblings, and watching them grow up too.”  He smiles. “But the best is knowing that what we teach the children now is going to be with them throughout their whole lives.”