Ann Lacey

Ann Lacey, Youngest Group Lead Teacher, loves to recap heartwarming, often hilarious, tales about each Agassiz child. Her stories are highlighted by her boisterous laugh, as well as by stacks of photos she shows that bring the stories to life. She clearly loves her job, and her students.

Ann came to Boston at age sixteen from Scotland (her father later became Bishop of Edinburgh,) and has always had a creative spark. As a jewelry designer, photographer, and storyteller, she enjoys weaving creative expression into her teaching. With over a dozen years experience, Ann came to Agassiz because “Agassiz is a great place to teach. Tracey believes in her teachers. She makes it exciting and gives us the opportunity to grow. As a result, I’ve definitely become a better teacher.”

As Ann speaks, her bright blue eyes light up. “Did you see these?” she beams. Hanging behind us, glued carefully to the wall are several art and painting projects. “Aren’t they precious?!?” she croons.