Parent Zone

Enrolled families have access to the following resources. Some pages will require you to log in to view.

Snack Guide

appleAgassiz has made bringing snack in to school much easier by providing a per-day snack guide of what to bring. Sign up to bring snack when you sign up for your parent help shifts, and don’t forget a treat on your kid’s birthday. Parents will be emailed reminders of their snack responsibilities.


Where to park (and not park!) during drop off and pickup.

Snow Days

snowflakeHow to find out if school is closed due to bad weather.

Parent Help Sign Up

Your parent help coordinator will email you when it’s time to sign up for your shifts.


calendarParent help assignments, snack, and this year’s school calendar.


blue-arrows-circling-a-white-envelopeEmail addresses for different groups within the Agassiz community. If you ever want to look back at the emails sent around, check out the email archives.


ringing-red-telephoneStaff, committee, youngest group, middle group, and oldest group names, street addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are available online.


newsletterOur newsletters are quarterly collections of events, activities and profiles from the academic year.

Parent’s Handbook

bookGuidelines, rules and regulations for families enrolled in the school can be found in the parent handbook.